The A&F Recruitment Process

Define the Position

  • The position specifications are defined including qualifications, responsibilities, accountabilities and personal attributes. We also gather information about the company, its history and unique culture, vision and values.

Understand the Company, its Industry and its Culture

  • As representatives of your organization, we must portray an accurate picture of its opportunities, challenges and objectives. We must understand the culture of the organization to ensure that the candidates presented will fit the skill set and culture required.

Formulate Our Pool of Potential Candidates

  • Our ongoing process of recruiting and sourcing provides a large pool of potential candidates to network with. All candidates are prescreened, personally interviewed and reference checked. Our interviews focus on the interests of the candidate so that we can meet both the candidate’s career objectives and the employer’s recruiting needs.
  • We use a large network of accounting professionals to assist us in finding qualified candidates. This ensures timely delivery of candidate profiles. For highly specialized and hard to place positions, we research and network in the community to source additional candidates.

Presenting the Position and Company to Exceptional Candidates

  • We are representing the client company to the finance and accounting communities and must ensure that we fully understand their business so that we can represent accurately. We discuss all opportunities with identified candidates to ensure interest and suitability before we present them to our clients.

Coordinating the Interview Process

  • We choose our top candidates for each position and provide a brief profile to our Clients. We organize and schedule all meetings. We also illicit feedback from each candidate and communicate the results to each client.

Negotiating the Offer

  • Once our Client is ready to extend an offer to one of the candidates, we help you to understand what it will take to close the offer based on market conditions as well as the expectations of the candidate. We are looking for a win-win hiring situation. This supports a long term hiring strategy!

Post Placement Feedback

  • We maintain frequent communication with both the client and the candidate post placement. We want to ensure that any issues are identified early and communicated appropriately.
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